Wing Dinner

On Weds, September 12 @ 5:00 pm seven girls and I enjoyed a lovely dinner together! We ventured over to gwam, ate a “healthy meal” ;), and had a lovely time talking to each other. I am so excited for the next one!



Inspiration Board


Take a a look at the Inspiration Board when you leave for class. It has some great wisdom and inspiration to start of your day! ❤


How to have a groovy year!


Check out the bulletin board right to the right of the bathroom! It has great tips on how to have a great year! They all come from a second year student that learned them herself firsthand (aka me, RA Jessie ;)) Make sure to check it out and take a read!



As soon as the first wing/hall meeting was over, the 2 south residents headed right to playfair! It was a great time to meet new people and break out of people’s bubbles. Good music, great ice breakers, and one large dance party was apart of the night. It was a great active night!


Brick Painting

Hugunin 2 South had a great time painting bricks on Weds, September 5th. These bricks will help keep the residents doors open 🙂 it was a great time to get to know wing members and other people from Hugunin as well! Make sure to watch out for them on your walks through the halls!!


Tie Dye!

We held a tie dyeing event as an end of the year stress reliever. With finals coming up, stress is at an all time high and crafts such as tie dyeing are a great stress reliever. People brought their own article of clothing to tie dye and we provided the dye. This was a great activity and I can’t wait to see how they all turn out!

Reflection Bulletin Board

I created a bulletin board for residents to reflect on their year, the ups and the downs. This allows for them to see how far they’ve come and how everything shaped them and made them stronger. I also have a section for goals for next year so they can plan ahead and try to avoid having too many downs next year.

Kooky Carnival!

Hugunin hosted the annual Kooky Carnival on Saturday. There were games such as football toss, sack and egg races, Plinko, putt-putt golf, duck pond, basketball toss, and can toss. With every game, people received tickets and could turn those tickets in for yummy prizes! It was a great turn out!

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