Galentine’s Day

I gave my residents Valentine’s cards and a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day.  Not everyone has a Valentine’s date so I thought I’d give them a little something. I also gave them these to remind them that they are loved. 🙂


Heart Door Decorations

I made heart door decorations for this month because it’s February<3

How Do You Let It Go?

I created this bulletin board and asked residents for their stress-relief tips. Some people have ways to relieve stress that other people would love to try if they knew what it was. This gives others the opportunity to try new things and have less stress in their life.

“We Were On A Break”

I used a popular saying from the TV show Friends, “We were on a break” to remind residents how to get back into the swing of school. After a month away, it can be easy to fall behind so I included tips on how to have another successful semester.

Happy Holidays!

I made my residents candy cane door decorations for the holidays that are coming up, (and it’s something cute to help them through finals week!). 🙂


On Thursday night at 8:30, we went stargazing on the roof of Ottensman Hall. The astronomy teacher gave us binoculars and let us look through a telescope so we could see the texture of the moon. She also explained constellations and different stars to us. Stargazing was a blast and it influenced people to take the astronomy class so they could learn more.

What Are You Thankful For?

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I made a bulletin board where residents can write what they are thankful for.  Many residents have similar things they are thankful for or some unique things which allows us to learn even more about one another. So far there have been wonderful things written!

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