Chancellor Shields

Chancellor Shields came to Hugunin Hall on October 3rd at 7p.m. We were given the opportunity to ask him any questions about the school or about him. We discussed some serious topics, like the new engineering building, and had some great laughs. He told us about his experience through college, law school, and his jobs. Shields has learned a lot through out his experiences and has a lot of valuable information others should know. This allowed for residents to know Chancellor Shields better and for him to recognize some more faces.


Floor Meeting!

We’ve had a few floor meetings so far and residents seem to really enjoy it. We have a great crowd show up every time and everyone is eager to learn about upcoming events and help think of ideas for new events. These folks are really involved and are great people to live with (and work with!)

Escape Room!

This homecoming event had many people very excited. They had half an hour to get out of a room in the student center set up by an escape room company. These folks were fantastic and stuck around all night.

Tug Of War!

Huge shout out to those who participated in tug of war! Especially Jennifer for stepping up 10 minutes before the event started and trying something new!

Homecoming Banner!

This is the banner we created for our Homecoming theme “Going Global.” We have Pangea on the banner to show we are all connected and need one another. The hand prints show the diversity and everyone working together. It was awesome to work with more residents in Hugunin along with second floor residents.


“Without change, there’d be no butterflies.” This is one of my favorite quotes. It reminds everyone that things change and without it, we wouldn’t grow as people. Change isn’t always physical, it can be mental or emotional, we learn something either way. I can’t wait to see how my residents grow as people and create new relationships!


With this many people on campus and in such close proximity to one another, people are bound to get sick. With the Halloween festivities coming up, I thought I’d make a Halloween themed bulletin board and put up tips up on how to prevent getting sick. (Of course I had to make it punny.) I think it’s a cute way to remind people of the basics like washing hands but also to do things you wouldn’t normally think about, like using your own pencils and not borrowing someone else’s. Stay healthy!

Where Would You Go?

Traveling is amazing. There’s so many different cultures and opportunities in the world. I put up some facts about all the diverse continents and some of the fun things you’d see if you went there. I asked my residents and anyone else who wanted to participate, if they could go anywhere, where would they go? I put out lots of tacks and a world map so they could tack the exact place of where they would enjoy traveling to. Some residents did it right after I put it up which led to great conversations about why they wanted to travel there. I can’t wait to see the map filled with all those tacks!

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