April Showers Bring May Finals Bulletin Board

This is a bulletin board with tips on how to study for finals. Rapping up the end of the year can be difficult and hard to buckle down, so there’s advice such as to start weeks ahead of time and make a study schedule so you can study for each class a little everyday.


Name Tag Door Decorations

This week I made door decorations that say hello in different languages, like a “hello my name is” name tag.

Service Auction

Hugunin Hall held their annual Service Auction on Wednesday night and it was a success. Businesses from Platteville donated things such as coupons, gift cards, or goody baskets. People bid on those things and most things went for a few dollars which is a great opportunity for college students. All proceeds went to the Ronald McDonald house, so it was a great cause. The raffle ticket for the XBOX1 and PS4 were drawn this night as well.

Paint Night

Paint night with Mr. O’brien, an art professor, was a lot of fun! People got very creative and everyone’s paintings looked awesome! Mr. O’brien was very helpful with painting tips and a fun professor to have at paint night.

Scavenger Hunt!

Hugunin Hall hosted the most recent Friday Night Club on the 16th. We had a scavenger hunt throughout campus with the final destination being a St. Patty’s party at the student center. There were games and music and everyone had a great time together!

Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish is a children’s book about a fish who has sparkly scales and doesn’t want to share them but by the end of the book he has given all of his sparkly scales away except for one for himself. This door decoration and quote represents that while you are growing as a person and experiencing new things, make sure you do for others, but also make sure you don’t forget about yourself.


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