Learning about Teaching

Sunday March 26th, Rebecca Lowe, a teacher for the 4th grade, came to the K-12 House to speak to and answer questions the future educators had for her. Rebecca spoke about her college journey, student teaching, the Ed TPA, and other things she had to do to become a teacher. Rebecca told us about the importance of classroom routine and consistency. Future Educators asked her questions about the Ed TPA, challenges in the classroom and other things. Rebecca also mentioned that observers in her classroom were always welcome.

Watch your words

Every one has probably heard “Sticks and stone will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” It’s not always that simple. Words can hurt some one. Watching what you say could mean the difference between life and death, the beginning or end of a friendship, and many other things. Using inclusive language, or language that doesn’t make some one feel singled out is very important now, while you are in college, and later when you have a job and are trying to move up in the work place. I challenge you to use inclusive and polite language for the rest of the semester, and also help others find different words to use.

Spring is Sprung

March 20th was the first day of spring, a time for new beginnings, new hope, and new life. I made each resident a flower door dec. Orange and yellow flowers with beautiful green stems add a little splash of springtime to the wing.

Brain Food

College is a time when our healthy eating habits kind of fly out the window.  Some foods really just aren’t goo for us, college kids especially. Did you know the average college students eats out or orders in food roughly 7 times a week? While everyone enjoys the occasional out to eat meal there are many healthy alternatives. Don’t want to eat every meal as healthy? Opt for some healthy snacks, try cherries or almonds. Visit the board by the bathroom for some new ideas.

Paint and Punch

Saturday March 4th, Wilgus Hall held Women’s Weekend! At 6 P.M. residents and I attend the Paint and Punch. We had some healthy snacks and awesome punch. We each made our own design on a blank canvas. We made something that can reflect our personality and have something we will forever cherish.

Art in the Classroom

On Sunday February 26th, Carole Spelic joined us in the Hugunin Basement for K-12 House. Carole spoke with us about what we think is important to be done in a classroom. We all gave different ideas. She also told us about putting art in the classroom. We then made our own Celtic Knot Clovers. She gave us simple instructions that were easy to follow, and we all had very nice clovers in the end.

Workout On Your Time

Working out starting to feel like a chore? Work out on your time. On the Bulletin Board by the Water fountain I have put up so easy to do work outs that you can do during your TV time, or in a short amount of time before bed or as soon as you get up.

Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset

As we know sometimes when we think certain words we get a feeling that there are some things we can’t do. If we rethink what we originally wanted to say and come up with a positive way to it, then we believe that we can do it. If we create positive thoughts then studying, passing classes, and understanding what we are being taught becomes so much easier.

Job Marketing

With the career fair in the past week, lots of job interviews will be coming up for those who are applying to internships. On the Bulletin board by the bathroom I have put up tips for dressing, accessorizing, and holding yourself. These things are crucial for success in future endeavors.

Word of the Week

Every week a new word goes up. Why? College is the time to broaden our minds and learn new things. We go to college for this very reason. To gain a better vocabulary I put words up on the sliver board. I add their definition and use then in a sentence. This helps us all to impress the interviewers we will encounter in the future.