Java Jams

On Friday March 31st, Hugunin helped Bridgeway host Java Jams in the BWC MPR. We had lots of snacks, coffee, and hot chocolate. On the table tops we could color on the butcher block while we listened to the acts. A few comedians got up and told us some jokes. We listened to a couple of violinists and some one even played the cello. It was a very nice way to meet and see old and new friends from other halls.


Color Fun

One Wednesday February 1st we had a quick color night before hall council. It was a nice way to relax after 1 week of classes. We spent about an hour coloring then we headed down to hall council for the 1st meeting of the semester.

Ice Breakers and Wing Builders

On Thursday January 27th I held an Ice breaker wing event. Some of the residents gather with myself. We briefly reintroduced ourselves to each other with our name, where we are from, and our majors. After we got reacquainted we played a round of ninja and telephone. We did an ice breaker where you had to be on one side of the line or the other. Then we chatted a little before dispersing.

Ticket to Ride and Tsurro Night

Friday September 16th some residents and I played some games. We played Tsurro a path game, in which the whole goal is to stay on the board the longest. After playing a round og Tsurro, we decided Ticket to Ride would be fun. We played Ticket to Ride. I had to explain all the rules, and the residents learned as we played. It was a fun night of games.

Circle Grill ‘n Chill

The Grill ‘n Chill is a wonderful place to meet new residents in not only Hugunin but in the two other Circle Halls. We had grilled hotdogs, chips, and ice cream. There were volleyball games always going on the sand courts, along with Frisbee, spike ball and other fun games and activities.

Superball Drop

The superball drop takes places in the parking lot next to the Karramann Library. The fire department lifted 1600 bouncy balls 6 stories up and released them. They cascaded down in a beautiful array of red lights. We went as several membersĀ  of the wing to watch and catch bouncy balls.

Play Fair

Play fair is the biggest meet and greet you will ever attend. The goal of play fair is to meet as many people as possible. You find and separate groups so quickly that you have just enough time to say hi and your name then you’re moving again. During play fair you play a giant game of rock paper scissors, take selfies with your birthday buddy, and do many more activities.

Grease Dance

Friday April 15th Southwest Hall, McGregor Hall, and Cooper host a Grease themed dance. A few residents and I had fun dancing to some classic Grease music and a couple line dances. One of them even learned to do a swing dance.

Bon Fire

On Monday April 4th, Hugunin Hall had a bon fire. The whole hall was invited to attend. We had s’mores and hotdogs. We also had a glow in the dark volleyball game too.

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