College is an Adventure!

Hugunin’s welcome back theme was safari, so I created a safari bulletin board. I put snakes around the outside and wrote College Is An Adventure in the middle. If you flip up the colorful leaves, you can see I wrote tips to help new students adjust to college. I wrote things like respect your roommate and everyone else, go to class and events, turn off lights when you leave, talk to your RA, lock your door when you leave, have a walking buddy at night, get your work done on time, and so on. I thought this was a fun interactive bulletin board with useful tips to this whole new adventure!



Next to my room I put up a closing bulletin board. It covers all of the closing information so that everyone knows what needs to be done before leaving.  It informs resident to get their books returned, clean out their fridge, and vacuum their rooms.

Word of the Week

Every week a new word goes up. Why? College is the time to broaden our minds and learn new things. We go to college for this very reason. To gain a better vocabulary I put words up on the sliver board. I add their definition and use then in a sentence. This helps us all to impress the interviewers we will encounter in the future.

Study Buddy Board

By the drinking fountain is a board where residents can put up their current classes and classes they have already completed. This was to offer student currently in those classes people to study with and ask questions to. After the board comes down the filled out forms will be hung up in the phone booth and extras will be left there to be filled out.

Halloween Crossword

Bored and need something to do check out the Halloween cross word next to room 218 and 219. Use your brain and do some easy thinking to decipher the hints and place the words. Get stuck free you mind with some of the Halloween fun facts that are interspersed throughout the crossword.

Circle Olympic Trivia

On Tuesday, October 4th Hugunin, Brockert, and Pickard battled it out in 6 rounds of trivia for 1st 2nd and 3rd place in the Circle Olympics. Hugunin survived math, history, literature, and other subjects to take first place in the Trivia portion of the Circle Olympics. We thank Brockert and Pickard for the friendly competition.

Downtown Scavenger Hunt

I walked downtown with multiple residents and ended up leading a few around downtown so they didn’t get lost. During the scavenger hunt they got free things, learned where businesses are, and met some new people. It helped broaden their knowledge of Platteville that is within walking distance. In the park they learn of more services offered in Platteville, and of some of the club and organizations on campus.

Riddles, Jokes, and Fun Facts

Because everyone occasionally needs a laugh or a fun fact to wow friends with, there will be a weekly Fun Fact, Riddle, and Joke. I started off with dinosaurs and will change it next week and have new one up. You can broaden your knowledge and impress your family and friends.

Searching for Re-SAUR-ces

So many may feel overwhelmed in the first few weeks. However campus helps combat that by having many different resources to help with many different needs. The bulletin board between rooms 218 and 219 have some of the many resources offered on campus, with descriptions, and many more listed for you find in the word search. You can always ask me or any other RA if you have questions or are interested in learning about other resources.

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