Balloon Animals!

We made balloon animals by following an instruction sheet on how to make different balloon animals. It was more difficult than we thought it would be, but it was a lot of fun, with a lot of laughs, and we had a fun time doing it!


April Showers Bring May Finals Bulletin Board

This is a bulletin board with tips on how to study for finals. Rapping up the end of the year can be difficult and hard to buckle down, so there’s advice such as to start weeks ahead of time and make a study schedule so you can study for each class a little everyday.

“We Were On A Break”

I used a popular saying from the TV show Friends, “We were on a break” to remind residents how to get back into the swing of school. After a month away, it can be easy to fall behind so I included tips on how to have another successful semester.

What Are You Thankful For?

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I made a bulletin board where residents can write what they are thankful for.  Many residents have similar things they are thankful for or some unique things which allows us to learn even more about one another. So far there have been wonderful things written!

Chancellor Shields

Chancellor Shields came to Hugunin Hall on October 3rd at 7p.m. We were given the opportunity to ask him any questions about the school or about him. We discussed some serious topics, like the new engineering building, and had some great laughs. He told us about his experience through college, law school, and his jobs. Shields has learned a lot through out his experiences and has a lot of valuable information others should know. This allowed for residents to know Chancellor Shields better and for him to recognize some more faces.

Escape Room!

This homecoming event had many people very excited. They had half an hour to get out of a room in the student center set up by an escape room company. These folks were fantastic and stuck around all night.

College is an Adventure!

Hugunin’s welcome back theme was safari, so I created a safari bulletin board. I put snakes around the outside and wrote College Is An Adventure in the middle. If you flip up the colorful leaves, you can see I wrote tips to help new students adjust to college. I wrote things like respect your roommate and everyone else, go to class and events, turn off lights when you leave, talk to your RA, lock your door when you leave, have a walking buddy at night, get your work done on time, and so on. I thought this was a fun interactive bulletin board with useful tips to this whole new adventure!


Next to my room I put up a closing bulletin board. It covers all of the closing information so that everyone knows what needs to be done before leaving.  It informs resident to get their books returned, clean out their fridge, and vacuum their rooms.

Word of the Week

Every week a new word goes up. Why? College is the time to broaden our minds and learn new things. We go to college for this very reason. To gain a better vocabulary I put words up on the sliver board. I add their definition and use then in a sentence. This helps us all to impress the interviewers we will encounter in the future.

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