Reflection Bulletin Board

I created a bulletin board for residents to reflect on their year, the ups and the downs. This allows for them to see how far they’ve come and how everything shaped them and made them stronger. I also have a section for goals for next year so they can plan ahead and try to avoid having too many downs next year.


Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish is a children’s book about a fish who has sparkly scales and doesn’t want to share them but by the end of the book he has given all of his sparkly scales away except for one for himself. This door decoration and quote represents that while you are growing as a person and experiencing new things, make sure you do for others, but also make sure you don’t forget about yourself.


“Without change, there’d be no butterflies.” This is one of my favorite quotes. It reminds everyone that things change and without it, we wouldn’t grow as people. Change isn’t always physical, it can be mental or emotional, we learn something either way. I can’t wait to see how my residents grow as people and create new relationships!

Hall Council

Hugunin Hall had their first hall council Monday the 18th at 8p.m. I told many of my residents about it and what it was all about. I was happily surprised when at least 6 or 7 girls from my wing came! I explained how I think it’s important to go to hall council to be involved and also know what’s going on in your building and on campus. It’s only about an hour every other Monday night, so it’s manageable.┬áThe girls that came said they enjoyed it and would definitely go again!

Welcome Weekend!

We had our mandatory residence hall meeting where we played a name game to get familiar with our wing. Then we went to playfair and played games with most of the freshman here at UW Platteville. It’s a great way to get to know other people and realize that there’s a bunch of new people to this college and you’re not alone. Bridgefest was the next day which had tons of great clubs and organizations giving out information and making the new students feel welcome.

First Wing Dinner!

After the freshman/first year students moved into their rooms, Welcome Weekend began! I started the evening off with inviting everyone to our first wing dinner. A handful of people came and we got to know one another fairly well. This gave some names and familiar faces before starting Welcome Weekend.

How have you changed this year?

Next to the bathroom, I put up a bulletin board that the ladies of my wing can write something they learned or how they have been changed being in college. You can see the way they have changed and how they have become a community. They have all changed through so much from the beginning of the year.

Paint and Punch

Saturday March 4th, Wilgus Hall held Women’s Weekend! At 6 P.M. residents and I attend the Paint and Punch. We had some healthy snacks and awesome punch. We each made our own design on a blank canvas. We made something that can reflect our personality and have something we will forever cherish.

Keys to Success

It’s a new year and for most people a new you. On the Bulletin board by the bathroom were some keys. Each Key had a different phrase to help you be as successful as possible. Some of these Keys include: Be proactive, Remember your manners, and setting goals for one’s self. These keys all can help you to change how you act, how you see yourself, and how others see you.

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