Napping 101

Everyone likes to nap on the occasion. There are different types of naps, and each has it own benefits. Even people like Einstein and Brahms took naps to help them clear their minds. Naps should be short and just have one full sleep cycle to wake up thinking more clearly. At night however, sleeping in total darkness helps you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep better. The Bulletin Board by the drinking fountain has some more information about napping.


Brain Food

College is a time when our healthy eating habits kind of fly out the window.  Some foods really just aren’t goo for us, college kids especially. Did you know the average college students eats out or orders in food roughly 7 times a week? While everyone enjoys the occasional out to eat meal there are many healthy alternatives. Don’t want to eat every meal as healthy? Opt for some healthy snacks, try cherries or almonds. Visit the board by the bathroom for some new ideas.

Workout On Your Time

Working out starting to feel like a chore? Work out on your time. On the Bulletin Board by the Water fountain I have put up so easy to do work outs that you can do during your TV time, or in a short amount of time before bed or as soon as you get up.

Early risers

At the start of the school year it’s hard to wake up early after getting to sleep in all break. So I put up some tips to get up and moving in the morning. Planning exciting breakfast and putting down the phone help you fall asleep faster and get up easier. Learning to wake up early can seriously benefit your health. Getting up and moving in the morning helps start your metabolism and brain function.

Towel Toss Volleyball

On Sunday October 10th, Hugunin kicked off homecoming week by participating in Towel Toss Volleyball. Each team had 6 players on the court, and they were paired up with a towel that was used to catch and throw the volleyball. Each team had to have one pass before the ball could be sent back over the net. The event was a double elimination. Hugunin played their heart out and lost both of their first games, but their spirit was never dampened.

Circle Olympic Volleyball

One Wednesday October 5th, The circle halls competed for the winner of Circle Volleyball. A total of 5 teams competed in a single elimination tournament. Each time a match was played the winner was determined by the best 2 out of 3 games. Brockert took 1st and 3rd. Hugunin placed 2nd.

Safe Sex Bulletin Board

Safe sex is an important topic to cover. Students don’t know all the services and things that the health center here provides. On my bulletin board next to the drinking fountain, I have a Safe Sex T-Rex. On this board it tells the residents about some common sense things they should do or provide, services that Student Health Services offers, and a T-rex just make things fun.

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