Door Decorations

This week I made my residents door decorations of Mother Nature holding the Earth in honor of Earth Day.


Earth Day!

To celebrate Earth Day, Dan and I made dirt cups (chocolate pudding, Oreo’s, and gummy worms) for residents to eat and played the movie WALL-E. It was a lot of fun and the dirt cups were a hit!


2 South now has a compost bucket in the microwave room! This keeps certain waste out of landfills that will pile up for years. The compost gets dumped in the edible garden on campus.

Save The Fish

Many animals are negatively impacted by pollution. Fish can have plastic rings wrapped around their stomachs causing that part of their body not to grow. The pollution can give fish disease and make humans sick from eating sick fish. I made this fish bulletin board completely out of materials I had in my room to show recycling. It’s important to reduce, reuse, and recycle to save our planet and all the animals.

Eco-friendly Bag

Thursday May 4th I hosted an environmental event, where we made shopping bags from old t-shirts. Instead of adding old t-shirts to the trash we made them into bags. We had two ways to make these bags. First and foremost though we needed to cut off the sleeves and cut down the neck to create that handles. Then we turned the shirt inside out. The first way we made the bag was to fringe the end of the shirt and knot it like a tie blanket. The second way was easier and we just cut a small hole in the hem of the shirt and used a safety pin to thread a piece of the shirt from the neck though the hem and tie it off. After that turn it right side out and it is ready for shopping.

Rolled Magazine Project

Thursday April 27th after the wing meeting we made rolled newspaper crafts. I showed residents how to flatten rolled paper and twist it into a circle. We rolled the magazine paper in to circles and then glued them to paper sheet as decorations for our rooms.

Holiday Recycling

Keep extra waste out of our landfills is really important. If you think about the sheer amount of wrapping paper used during the holidays it’s a lot by itself. Add in ribbons, boxes, bows, bags, and tags you get a lot more waste. This season remember to recycle and reuse. If you get a really big gift in nice paper save it to wrap a smaller present next year. All those bows, boxes, and bags can be saved again to be used another time. This holiday season be environmentally conscious and reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Eco-Friendly Turtles

Over the last semester and a half I have collected the bottoms of pop bottles to make turtles. The turtle shells are the bottoms of pop bottles, and the bodies are from construction paper I have left over from other projects. By saving the bottoms and recycling the rest of the pop bottles we reused and recycled saving them from going to the landfills.

The Big Turn Off!

Ladies, let’s see how much energy we can save today. I’m unplugging all my electronics except my fridge today. If we help the hall save the most electricity we can win our hall an Ice Cream Social. We can be green and environmentally friendly. I challenge you to do the same. It’ll also give you a chance to reconnect with some over due reading, coloring, or drawing time. Here we go ladies, The Big Turn Off.

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