Name Tag Door Decorations

This week I made door decorations that say hello in different languages, like a “hello my name is” name tag.


Famous Quotes By Famous Women

March is Women’s History month so I made a bulletin board of different quotes by different famous women. These quotes are important to show how women are and how they helped shape our history.

Diversity Lounge

Tuesday night Hugunin Hall had their Diversity Lounge! There was over 35 people that came and explored the room. It was filled with some important African Americans and Women that helped shape our history for Black History Month and Women’s History Month. It was very cool and a great experience.

Day Of The Dead

Day Of The Dead is October 31st through November 2nd. It’s a Mexican holiday to remember and pray for loved ones who have passed away and guide them through their spiritual journey. Many women wear traditional Mexican dresses, like the door decoration I made. I think it’s important to remember Halloween isn’t the only holiday celebrated in fall and it’s interesting to learn about or even celebrate others.

Explore The World Around You!

I gave my residents a globe to color that opens up with lined paper inside so they can write about where they want to explore and why. Some of my residents have already colored them and put the continent they want to go to on their globe. I can’t wait to see them colored and know where people want to explore!

Homecoming Banner!

This is the banner we created for our Homecoming theme “Going Global.” We have Pangea on the banner to show we are all connected and need one another. The hand prints show the diversity and everyone working together. It was awesome to work with more residents in Hugunin along with second floor residents.

Where Would You Go?

Traveling is amazing. There’s so many different cultures and opportunities in the world. I put up some facts about all the diverse continents and some of the fun things you’d see if you went there. I asked my residents and anyone else who wanted to participate, if they could go anywhere, where would they go? I put out lots of tacks and a world map so they could tack the exact place of where they would enjoy traveling to. Some residents did it right after I put it up which led to great conversations about why they wanted to travel there. I can’t wait to see the map filled with all those tacks!


A few of my residents and I went to Bridgeway for dinner last night. We expected the usual Bridgeway feast, but were pleasantly surprised. Right away the sushi table caught my eye. For International Education week they made sushi and promoted studying abroad. They had pamphlets on studying aboard in places like Japan and Fiji. The sushi was delicious and got us thinking and discussing studying abroad and expanding our horizons. We also learned a little more about the culture. I really hope they do something like this again because it wasn’t just sushi for dinner, it got most people thinking about studying abroad and different cultures.

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