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Good Bye

At the end of the year everything becomes bitter sweet. When I look back to the women of 2 South and who they were at the beginning of the year. I have watched them grow and come out of their shell. I have watched friendships form and grow. I am so grateful for the memories these ladies gave me this year and it was a great way to end my college career, being an RA to these amazing women.

Seal Door Dec

I put up little seal door decs this week. The seals add some fun to our wing.

Spring is Sprung

March 20th was the first day of spring, a time for new beginnings, new hope, and new life. I made each resident a flower door dec. Orange and yellow flowers with beautiful green stems add a little splash of springtime to the wing.

Homecoming Parade

All during homecoming week the residents of Hugunin worked on the Homecoming Parade Non-float. Saturday morning resident were in the parking lot infront of Russell Hall. The non-float was judged, then residents of Hugunin walked in the Parade. The parade went down Main Street, where it ended.

Porter Applefest

Friday Night a resident and I attended Applefest in Porter Hall for FNC. We had caramel apples, apple cider, watched some intense games of apples to apples, and had a fun conversation with residents and RAs from other halls.

Name Plate Door Decs

I created a second door dec. It was a simple clothespin adorned with a chalkboard name plate. With this door dec you can do many things. I for one will post meeting reminders and little notes. You are all free to leave nice notes for your friends and wing mates. If they leave something in your room that’s litte or if you want to leave a little treat.

Dino Door Decs

Our theme this fall to kick a Dino-mite year was Dinosaurs. So for your first door dec you received a dinosaur on a green field with a beautiful blue sky in the background. This is in hope of a year for you filled with blue skies and sunshine.

Welcome to 2 South

To welcome you all to or back to 2 South I have a welcome board by the water fountain. In each of the foot prints is a different name. It was your first step on to the wing. I hope this year brings you knowledge, friends, laughter, and fun. My wish is that each one of you finds your place here on campus and feel like Platteville is your home away from home.

Superhero Door Dec

Every one likes a hero some are in the form of Comic Book Characters. So every one on 2 South received one of 9 different superheroes: Thor, Ironman, WonderWoman, Spiderman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Batman, Superman, or Captain America. Everyone is a hero in someway.

Room of the Week

Hey ladies, we have some new comers on our wing this semester. Let’s get to know each other a little better. Every Wednesday I will change the name of the girls on the wall outside the bathroom. Fill out the three little questions and I’ll give you what you put down as your favorite candy. I’m excited to learn something new about all my residents. Have fun I’ll try to let you know when your room is on the wall.