Where’d You Go?

These are paint sample sheets I got from Farm and Fleet and little clothespins I found. This is taped outside every residents door so they can let me and their friends know if they’re around, where they went, or when they’ll be back. I only filled out a few spots for them to let them fill out their own uniquely. It also lets everyone know what they enjoy doing by what they write on their slip. I filled mine out as an example and is outside my door as well. My RA did this last year and I found it very helpful because I knew where my RA was, if my wing mates were around, or if they were napping and didn’t want to be disturbed and so on. I had a few residents tell me how excited they were about these and how they’ve always wanted to do this.


Welcome Weekend…At Night

Sunday night of Welcome Weekend was the traditional ball drop. The ball drop is a bunch of light up bouncy balls being dropped from the top of a fire truck. Then Glowcampus officially began! Glocampus was our concert. It was a dance outside with a DJ and lights of glow in the dark paint and glow-sticks. All of Welcome Weekend, meeting new people and learning about the clubs and organizations helped mold residents identity development.

What to do what to do…

I was shocked to continuously hear people say, “there’s nothing to do in Platteville.” I made this bulletin board for first year students and other students who aren’t sure about all the opportunities to take advantage of here in Platteville. I made a list of things to do on and off campus and hung up flyers and coupons to go along with the list. I hope this gets students out and about and away from Netflix for a weekend.

Lauren, your RA!

This was one of my opening bulletin boards to give my residents a little idea of who their RA is. I included pictures so they would be familiar with my face and some of my family and friends. The captions explain who is in the pictures with me and some of my favorite things. Some residents asked me about things I wrote or found that we had some things in common which gave us even more things to talk about.


For my residents first door decoration, I made a welcome sign that looks like a for sale sign that would be in front of a house. I put their names on the sign as well. Some residents and even some parents told me that it was very nice to see something on their door and something that they could tell I put a lot of work into. I thought this door decoration would be a good way to welcome them into Hugunin Hall and make their new room feel like home.

Good Bye

At the end of the year everything becomes bitter sweet. When I look back to the women of 2 South and who they were at the beginning of the year. I have watched them grow and come out of their shell. I have watched friendships form and grow. I am so grateful for the memories these ladies gave me this year and it was a great way to end my college career, being an RA to these amazing women.

Spring is Sprung

March 20th was the first day of spring, a time for new beginnings, new hope, and new life. I made each resident a flower door dec. Orange and yellow flowers with beautiful green stems add a little splash of springtime to the wing.

Homecoming Parade

All during homecoming week the residents of Hugunin worked on the Homecoming Parade Non-float. Saturday morning resident were in the parking lot infront of Russell Hall. The non-float was judged, then residents of Hugunin walked in the Parade. The parade went down Main Street, where it ended.


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