Heart Door Decorations

I made heart door decorations for this month because it’s February<3


Welcome Back!

Some snowflake door decorations to welcome residents back.

Happy Holidays!

I made my residents candy cane door decorations for the holidays that are coming up, (and it’s something cute to help them through finals week!). 🙂

Wing Dinner

I intend to do wing dinners on the first Wednesday of every month. I think this is a great opportunity for the wing to get to know one another better. A few girls discovered they would walk passed each other and want to say hi but weren’t sure if they should. Now those girls can say hi to each other and talk to each other more. This also allowed for me to get to know some of them better and plan other programs for the future.

Floor Meeting!

We’ve had a few floor meetings so far and residents seem to really enjoy it. We have a great crowd show up every time and everyone is eager to learn about upcoming events and help think of ideas for new events. These folks are really involved and are great people to live with (and work with!)

Happy Birthday!

For my residents birthdays, I’m making them cupcake door decs with candy taped to their door. I’m doing the summer ones as well. I’m hanging the ones during school up on  their doors the day of their birthday so they have a little something to look forward to.


During Resident Assistant training I played a game and placed so I received a prize. I received batman door decorations and later on Kyle won octopus ones. He wanted the batman and I wanted the octopus ones so we traded. I hung them up on my residents doors. I intend to do door decs at least every other week because I think it gives residents something to look forward to and could brighten their day.


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