Good Bye

At the end of the year everything becomes bitter sweet. When I look back to the women of 2 South and who they were at the beginning of the year. I have watched them grow and come out of their shell. I have watched friendships form and grow. I am so grateful for the memories these ladies gave me this year and it was a great way to end my college career, being an RA to these amazing women.



Next to my room I put up a closing bulletin board. It covers all of the closing information so that everyone knows what needs to be done before leaving.  It informs resident to get their books returned, clean out their fridge, and vacuum their rooms.

How have you changed this year?

Next to the bathroom, I put up a bulletin board that the ladies of my wing can write something they learned or how they have been changed being in college. You can see the way they have changed and how they have become a community. They have all changed through so much from the beginning of the year.

Eco-friendly Bag

Thursday May 4th I hosted an environmental event, where we made shopping bags from old t-shirts. Instead of adding old t-shirts to the trash we made them into bags. We had two ways to make these bags. First and foremost though we needed to cut off the sleeves and cut down the neck to create that handles. Then we turned the shirt inside out. The first way we made the bag was to fringe the end of the shirt and knot it like a tie blanket. The second way was easier and we just cut a small hole in the hem of the shirt and used a safety pin to thread a piece of the shirt from the neck though the hem and tie it off. After that turn it right side out and it is ready for shopping.

Pizza with a Professor

Jen Collins joined us at K12 Sunday April 30th. Jen spent the hour of K12 telling us about diversity experiences in the School of Education. Jen told us about the diversity experiences in the block classes where students spend time in class room before student teaching. One of the options for the last practicum is to visit an urban school in Milwaukee for 2 weeks. Another option for a diversity experience is the Study Abroad to England for 2 weeks. Jen and Hayley talked about the experience students get to have in the U.K. during their two week visit.

Rolled Magazine Project

Thursday April 27th after the wing meeting we made rolled newspaper crafts. I showed residents how to flatten rolled paper and twist it into a circle. We rolled the magazine paper in to circles and then glued them to paper sheet as decorations for our rooms.

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